We are the specialist in the manufacturing of pulp mould (pulp mold), Whatever the egg trays, fruit trays, the industrial packaging like both the corrugated paper and newsprint paper pulp tray or end-caps cushion. We provide the professional green packaging from the waste paper or we call it Environmentally Friendly Packaging. We also provide the white pulp or virgin wood pulp packaging. Pulp mould (mold) manufactured from recycled paper / waste paper, is not only the environmentally friendly packaging but also is your alternative choice for traditional die-cut & plastic packaging. It is comparative cheaper & saves storage volume. Pulp Mould (Mold) can be made into all shapes of trays and carton liners. It provides excellent cushioning and protection against vibration and shock. Virtually, our products fit for all industrial and consumer product packaging needs.

Our factory – HeFeng Paper Bracker & Packing Material Plant is a leading Pulp Mould (Mold) company in South China. She was incorporated in 1999 and was registered at Dongguan Commercial & Administration Council.

Factory is located in No.24, Libai Road, Liwu Village, Yuanzhou Town, Huizhou City. With total area of 25,000 m², covering building area with 8,000 m²; a storage godown with 4,000 m²; a full scale mold shop; worker’s hostel and meal room.

Starting from Product Design, Metal Mold Making to Production, all process are proceed and completed inside factory. Our factory have 9 departments including : Pulping System, Forming, Drying, Hot Press Processing, Inspection, Packing, Product Design, Mold, Electrical & Machineries Repair and Maintenances Department. Currently, we installed two 40m length diesel dryer with total capacity of 10 tons per day, 2 pulping systems with 3 pulping storage pools, 10 sets semi-auto product development systems producing 8,000 pieces per hour and 10 units of hot press machine, In total capacity may reach 160,000 pieces per days on 24 hours shift basis.

The mission of our factory is to provide the new design pulp mould packaging service and product (insert & green packaging ) to our customers by understanding their requirements. We provide excellent product to serving customers in Mainland China as well as exports to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, European and North American Countries. We are accredited ISO9001 2000.